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FIAT 8V   1952 1954
1952 1954

One of the most important cars of the Italian automotive market, the Fiat 8V was released in 1952 at the Geneva Auto Show.
The Fiat 8V was also called the Fiat Otto Vu and was powered by a V8 engine initially designed for mass production. However, as no series car with the V8 unit was produced, Fiat released a limited series of sports cars.

Fiat outsourced the 8V bodies to the Italian coach builders, thus the V8s were not alike and all featured a different unique style.

The Fiat 8V was powered by a 1996 cc engine designed by Dante Giacosa. The unit was made of aluminum alloys and was designed to support high-revs and a steep power curve. In the standard configuration, the V8 produced 168 hp, while a more powerful version offered 185 hp. The most powerful unit with four-throat Weber carburettors produced 193 hp and it was extremely rare.

With an all independent suspension taken from the Fiat 1100, a top speed of almost 200 kp/h and a lightweight bodywork, the Fiat 8V was a strong competitor in the two-liter classes, thus even won the Italian GT Championship in 1954.

A total of 114 8Vs were produced, with bodyworks done by Fiat’s designer Fabio Luigi Rapi, Zagato, Ghia and others.

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