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FIAT Tempra
FIAT Tempra   1990 1998
1990 1998

By 1990, the Fiat Regata was considered outdated and its style unconvincing.
Then, the Italian carmaker introduced the Tempra, and that changed the game.

While the Regata was based on the same platform as the Ritmo and featured a rigid axle in the back with leaf springs, the Tempra was a much modern vehicle with twisting arms and better styling. The carmaker focused more on build quality and fuel-efficiency. It resulted in a car that was put-up against Opel’s Vectra and the Ford Sierra.

Fiat’s new design language led to a car that was balanced to the front. Its wedged shape with rectangular headlights and the flush grille was new. The softened edges and the wide cabin was far ahead of its predecessor, the Regatta. A third window behind the rear doors enhanced the car’s look. It was like an Italian Volkswagen Passat, but more affordable.

Inside, the carmaker offered the Tempra in two main trim levels, and the upper version featured an electronic dash-panel with digital instruments. Unfortunately, that was not very appealing for the customers and a nightmare for Fiat’s technicians. The interior room was generous and provided an adequate room for up to five passengers, with a very low center tunnel.

Fiat installed a choice of three engines at the launch, and for the base version, the power-steering was on the options list. That wasn’t a good idea since most of its competitors offered it in the standard version. Later on, the Italian carmaker introduced a diesel engine and a four-speed automatic transmission.

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