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FORD Anglia 105E
FORD Anglia 105E   1959 1967
1959 1967

The 105E Anglia was one of the most important cars introduced in the U.K. in 1959 and was the first result of Ford’s R&D center from Birmingham.

Elwood Engel was responsible for the look of a new car, designed and engineered for England. He competed against John Oros for the design of the Thunderbird, and he lost. After that, he created the open-top Lincoln Continental, and that made him famous. After landing in England, Engel scaled down the Thunderbird and created the 105E Anglia, and the car quickly became popular.

At the front, the Anglia resembled the 1957 Ford Thunderbird with those little gutter above the headlights. The bumper was smaller since it had to obey different rules than those for the U.S. market, but the grille had a similar shape. From its sides, the 105E Anglia shook with its reverse windscreen behind the cabin. Engel studied the car’s shape in the wind tunnel, and that’s what it resulted.

Inside, Engel couldn’t make a luxurious interior. The car had to be cheap and accommodate four people. Still, he managed to design the dashboard with symmetrical shapes for the glove-box lid and the instrument cluster. Despite its small cabin, the 105E Anglia could host four adults inside, with two seats at the front and a bench in the rear.

Ford installed a fuel-efficient 1.0-liter engine (the Kent engine) which provided a modest 39 hp. But it was enough for a car that weighed less than 800 kilograms (1763 kg).

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