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FORD Focus ST Wagon Focus ST Estate
FORD Focus ST Wagon Focus ST Estate  2012 2022
2012 2022

The hot-hatch revolution was on, and the power-war resembled the one from the muscle-car era in the U.S. But nevertheless, Ford had a brilliant idea to offer a hot-Focus as a station-wagon.

Maybe it was the Volkswagen Golf that started the hot-hatch segment, but soon after its competition arrived. Opel/Vauxhall, Ford, Renault, Honda, Fiat, and MG joined the new trend. Most of them offered the most powerful versions exclusively on three-door bodyworks. Later on, they installed them on five-doors versions. But only Ford dared to put one of the most powerful engines it had on the Focus, in the station-wagon shape. All of a sudden, it was alone in its segment—the only hot-compact wagon on the market.

While the front side was similar to the 5-door version with its wide-open black grille on the bumper and a small apron underneath. There were small differences from its sides compared to the regular Focus Wagon: its rocker-panels and bigger light-alloy wheels. In the rear, the twin-pipe exhaust poked in the middle of the bumper.

Inside, the car meant business. Like its five-door sibling, the wagon version featured a specific ST dashboard with three additional gauges installed in a separate instrument cluster above the center stack. They were used for oil pressure, oil temperature, and boost. Despite being a station-wagon, it featured Recaro sport-bucket seats with embroiled ST lettering on their seatbacks.

Under the hood, Ford installed an inline-four turbocharged gasoline engine. It provided 250 hp, which were sent to the front wheels. Ford offered an LSD on the options list.

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