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FORD Taunus Cabrio Taunus 12M Cabrio
FORD Taunus Cabrio Taunus 12M Cabrio  1952 1968
1952 1968

In 1952 the first Corvette prototype was ready to hit the track, and in Europe, Ford introduced the Ford Taunus 12 M in a few shapes, including a convertible.
It was the first generation of the Taunus in Europe, and Ford used the letter M from “Meisterstuck” (Masterpiece – eng) for its models to emphasize the car’s qualities. It even dared to offer the vehicle in an open-top version for those looking for more than a transportation device.

The 1952 Taunus 12M featured a “ponton” body shape with its fenders flush to the doors and rear quarter panels. It was available as a two-door sedan or convertible. A low-mounted grille above the chromed bumper ensured the small, 1.2-liter engine’s cooling on the front fascia. The car was an evolution over a model designed before WWII, which was barely produced due to the war. In its convertible shape, Ford insisted on having four seats inside, even though that meant leaving the canopy exposed behind the cabin while driving with the top down.

Inside, Ford installed a new concept of dash panel, which later evolved into the instrument cluster. There were three dials with a center-mounted speedometer, a fuel gauge, and charging status on the left and a clock on the right. There were two sliders on the outer side for heating and ventilation next to the steering wheel. Unlike the coupe, the convertible featured two seats in the front instead of a bench.

Under the hood, Ford installed an inline-four engine that produced only 38 hp. It was mated to a three-speed gearbox with the shifter on the steering column. A four-speed gearbox was available only from 1953.

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