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FORD Taurus X
FORD Taurus X   2007 2009
2007 2009

With the decline in the station-wagon and MPV segments, Ford introduced a more appealing kind of vehicle in its lineup: the crossover.
Ford launched the Freestyle model in 2005 on the same platform as the Taurus and Five Hundred. Just a couple of years later, the American carmaker introduced a facelifted version, which was renamed Taurus X to connect with the successful Taurus range.

Make no mistake, it was the same platform and shared most of its components with the Freestyle, but since Taurus was a better-known name, Ford chose to change the nameplates. The car’s front featured a fascia inspired by Ford’s truck division, with three thick horizontal chromed bars. Its headlights featured a small side that cut into the front bumper. On its sides, the car looked more like a station wagon on stilts combined with an MPV back but integrated into a harmonious design.

Inside, the Taurus X offered room for seven on three rows of seats. Even though the last one was more appropriate for children, that arrangement was good for large families. By folding the second and third rows, plus the front passenger seat, Ford created a very long flat platform to be used either as a sleeping area or to load a 2x4 from your local hardware store.

Under the hood, Ford enhanced the powertrain with the introduction of a new, 3.5-liter V6 engine. It sent the power to the front or all four wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.

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