HINDUSTAN RTV/Ranger 1998 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: Van

Segment: Large MPV

The Indian market needed special vehicles for special purposes, and the Hindustan RTV was one of them, needed for police forces but also used as a spacious family carrier.
When talking about an MPV, there are different meanings for that term. Every area has its needs, and some comfort features would have been useless in some countries. The Hindustan RTV was a different kind of MPV, built for special conditions.

With its flat windows and body panels, the RTV was cheap to built and repair in the event of a small crash. Since the vehicle was built on a ladder chassis, access inside was more or less difficult. The interesting idea was to add a small window at the front lower sides so the driver could see better where to steer. It was a good decision for a car built to go over rough terrain.

Inside, there was a simple, bus-like dash panel for the driver. The RTV was a good choice for those who needed a car to transform it into an earth-roamer. Depending on the configuration, the RTV could have been fitted with seats and benches for up to eight passengers or fewer seats and room for standing occupants.

The RTV was offered with a diesel or a hybrid (gasoline-LPG) engine. It was mated to a standard 4-speed gearbox and a low-range selector. That system allowed the car to run at a constant, five kph (3 mph) speed on bad roads or cruise with 90 kph on paved roads.

HINDUSTAN RTV/Ranger 1998 2022

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