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JAGUAR S-Type R   2004 2007
2004 2007

Jaguar introduced the S-Type R in 2002 as a direct competitor for the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG and upgraded it in 2004 for the 2005 model-year.
Jaguar introduced the S-Type range in 1999 and, by 2004, it was ready for a facelift. Moreover, the introduction of the new Euro 4 emission standards forced the British carmaker to improve its engines, and the R-version received a few tweaks as well.

The carmaker enhanced the front of the car with a new apron that lost the fog lights but gained on the aerodynamic look. On the sides, the S-Type R featured specific side sills, while in the back, it received a new bumper. A lip-spoiler decorated the redesigned trunk lid. It’s chromed slat that spread between the taillights showed the Jaguar lettering broader than on the non-facelifted version.

Inside, the British carmaker already had some upgrades on the way since 2003. They included a new touch-screen infotainment system. That led to fewer buttons on the center stack and a clean design. Moreover, the carmaker installed a few buttons on the steering wheel to help the driver controlling the audio and phone system.

Under the hood, Jaguar changed the settings for the supercharged 4.2-liter V-8 engine to lower its emissions while managing to provide the same performances as the non-facelifted version.

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JAGUAR S-Type R   2002 2004
2002 2004

When Jaguar introduced the S-Type on the market, the fans warmly welcomed it since it was the first completely new model in decades offered by the British brand.
But the hype didn’t last too long before customers understood that underneath the remarkable retro-styled design resembled the original S-Type introduced by Jaguar in 1963. A heart-shaped grille completed its rounded lines and the design of the quad headlights. It was a superb design built on top of an American platform. The R-version was the most potent version of the new range, and it was a sleeper. Or a wolf in sheep clothes.

But every silver lining has its cloud, and the Jaguar S-Type R proved to have its design flaws. While a genuine Jaguar used to pamper its passengers only with leather, wood, and metallic parts inside the cabin, the S-Type R was stuffed with plastic panels and Ford buttons so that carmaker could drop the price. Otherwise, the well-composed interior design was both elegant and comfortable. At least for the front seats, since the rear passengers had to suffer due to lack of adequate legroom.

Under the hood (bonnet to keep the Jaguar’s language), Jaguar dropped its supercharged V-8 engine that produced almost 400 horses. It was paired as standard to a 6-speed automatic that was able to shift in manual mode. Power went to the rear wheels, as in any Lincoln LS, on which platform the S-Type was built.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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