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JAGUAR X-Type   2001 2009
2001 2009

The first all-new model since Ford bought Jaguar, the X Type released in 2001 was one of the smallest executive cars produced by Jaguar.
Even if the X-Type was built on the same platform as the Ford Mondeo, they were completely different cars when it came to looks.

Coming with an easily recognisable Jaguar front fascia, the X-Type featured a large horizontal grille and four round headlights, borrowed from the XJS.

The rear end was still specific to a Jaguar with twin tail pipes and fancy taillights.

Compared to the Mondeo, the X-Type featured more powerful engines and a standard four-wheel-drive system.

A sporty sedan, the X-Type was incredibly pleasant to drive and offered great grip even wet or snowy roads. With a precise steering, the X-Type was good on corners and overall a fun car to drive.

The interior was fitted with high quality materials throughout, offering a luxurious cabin with leather-wrapped front bucket seats, a premium sound system, automatic air-conditioning and others.

The X-Type could accommodate up to 4 adults, however, the sedan’s reduced size did not allow tall passengers to feel comfortable due to limited headroom even in the driver’s seat.

Sure, a catchy exterior design along with a powerful engine and a refined ride sound like a good deal, but strong competitors such as the Audi A4, BMW 3-Series or the Mercedes C Class offered pretty much the same options and some extra space.

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