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LAMBORGHINI Silhouette P300
LAMBORGHINI Silhouette P300  1976 1979
1976 1979

By 1976, the Countach was the most famous Lamborghini, but the company already had a different owner after Ferrucio Lamborghini sold his stakes in the company in 1974.
Lamborghini was in trouble with a new oil crisis on the horizon, and not too many customers willing to pay for a supercar. The idea with an entry-level model, the Uracco, was good, but still, the car was too expensive for Europeans. In the U.S., many customers were willing to pay big money for a supercar, other than Ferrari, but the carmaker from Sant’Agata Bolognese didn’t have any model homologated in America. The management took the bold decision to build a new model that could comply with the strict American regulations, and that was the Silhouette.

It all started with a concept car designed by Carrozeria Bertone and shown at the 1976 Geneva Motor Show. Lamborghini took the challenge and built it on top of Urraco’s platform. Its targa-top was the main attraction for its customers. By installing new bumpers on the car, which complied with the 5-mph rule, and adjusting the vehicle to the U.S. rules, the car was ready to cross the Atlantic.

Inside, the car featured a unique steering wheel with a deep middle side and four spokes. Lamborghini filled the angular-looking instrument panel with gauges and dials. Apart from these, the carmaker also installed a big red seat belt reminder. The Silhouette featured a stereo tuned for the U.S. radio stations and, lower, two round air vents on the center stack. The leather-clad interior and luxurious-looking materials convinced the American customers to buy it. Lamborghini produced only 54 units, but those made the difference for the company’s survival until 1978 when Chrysler noticed the carmaker and bought it.

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