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LANCIA A112   1982 1986
1982 1986

Autobianchi introduced the A112 in late 1969 as an Italian competitor for the MINI, and over the year it was improved constantly.
The Italians started to export the A112 as a Lancia for the export markets since that brand was better known than the Autobianchi. In 1982, the carmaker introduced the sixth update for the super-mini vehicle.

At the front, the car sported a black grille with horizontal slats that filled the whole front fascia, apart from the round headlights. A plastic, wrapped-around bumper became a standard feature due to new safety regulations. The carmaker moved the front turn signals inside the bumpers from the fender’s front area.

Inside, Lancia/Autobianchi redesigned the dashboard. It featured a completely new, wider instrument cluster with a few buttons mounted on its sides. There was also new upholstery, depending on the trim level. For the 1982 model, the Italian brand dropped the former Elegant level and left the Elite as a top-spec version.

The carmaker installed a choice of two engines under the A112’s hood. The base version received a 0.9-liter engine, while the top trim level was the 1.0-liter engine that developed 48 hp from a 1.0-liter engine. For the transmission, Autobianchi introduced a five-speed manual that helped the car achieve better fuel efficiency.

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