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LANCIA Flaminia Coupe
LANCIA Flaminia Coupe   1958 1967
1958 1967

Lancia was still a premium brand and tried to make its cars accordingly, and for that, it employed Pininfarina to design and built the Flaminia Coupe.
A year after the introduction of the Flaminia sedan, Lancia unveiled the Coupe version, which was based on the Florida II design concept. It wasn’t a flamboyant vehicle, but it was sporty, agile, and offered room for four adults inside. Pininfarina built the bodywork in its facilities and delivered them to Lancia to complete the vehicles.

The exterior was simple but not dull. It featured a pair of round headlights, and a grille pushed forward, resembling the F1 cars from that era. The Lancia shield stood proud and prominent on the slatted grille. Like most cars from that era, it featured a wrapped-around chromed bumper. On the hood, an air-intake scoop was needed to feed more air to the engine, and it was a styling twist as well.

Inside, the carmaker installed a pair of seats at the front and a bench for two in the back. Thanks to its tall greenhouse, there was enough headroom for four adults. The dashboard sported an instrument cluster that was taller than the rest of the panel. It hosted two large dials for the speedometer and tachometer, plus a few extra gauges and warning lights.

Lancia installed a powerful, for those times, 2.5-liter V-6 engine that provided 129 hp and paired it to a four-speed manual gearbox. The Italian carmaker built only 5282 Coupes.

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