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LEXUS RX   2019 2022
2019 2022

The 2020 Lexus RX received a new, fresh update for the generation launched in 2015.
It introduced a new, more aggressive front end and an updated Lexus multimedia system. Also, it has redesigned triple-beam headlights available as an option. The revamped Lexus RX is offered with two or three-row seats, with the versions named RX450h or RX450hL, respectively.

The newly refreshed grille was creates an elaborate look based on the “L-motif” logo. To create a balanced look that is both strong and elegant, each block grille has a different shape and angle. To harmonize the front end of the car, the bumper also has been restyled to match the grille.

Big changes were made inside as well, where a new, in-dash 12.3” touchscreen was installed. As before, in the Lexus way, it is paired also with the so-called touchpad remote between the front seats. The infotainment system was built to integrate Apple CarPlay, but now it is possible to connect with Android Auto also. A new feature is the Dynamic Voice Command (DVC), which recognizes millions more phrases than the previous Lexus systems.

The powertrain has remained the same hybrid system, with a 3.5-liter gasoline engine paired with two electric motors and a CVT transmission. While the V6 unit is responsible for the front wheels, the electric motors are pushing the car using the rear wheels. Unlike some other hybrid SUVs, the RX450h can be driven as an EV for short distances, but it is not a plug-in hybrid yet.

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LEXUS RX   2016 2019
2016 2019

The 2016 RX is the most important step ahead for the biggest hybrid luxury SUV from Lexus.
New engines, a new transmission, and new safety features make it a very desirable vehicle. Under the RX 350’s hood is an upgraded and more powerful 3.5-liter V-6 gasoline engine with direct injection, which offers 300 hp, mated to a new 8-speed automatic transmission. Based on this improved powertrain is the RX 450h’s Atkinson-cycle 3.5-liter V-6. The internal combustion engine sends its power to the front wheels, while two other transverse mounted electric motors propel the rear wheels.

Inside there are numerous advanced innovations for the big Lexus SUV. A newly designed dashboard with repositioned trims and specially finished laser-cut ornaments are available for extra-opulence. For the driver, a large heads-up display (HUD) is in front of the driver, while the passengers can see the central information display, with a 12.3in monitor. This display is part of the infotainment system and can be accessed via a track-mouse mounted on the center console, between the driver and the right passenger.

Safety is a priority for Lexus and this is why the new RX is beefed-up with more systems, called Lexus Safety System +. This integrates several safety technologies, which include the Pre-Collision System (PCS) that detects sudden stops in front of the car, Lane Departure Alert (LDA), which detects and warns the driver if the car moves over the lanes without a turning signal, Dynamic Radar Cruise control, and much more other safety equipments.

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LEXUS RX   2012 2016
2012 2016

Lexus has introduced the refreshed 2013 model year RX crossover at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.
The biggest cosmetic change is the new spindle grille, borrowed from the brand new GS sedan, giving the aging RX design, which debuted in 2009, a sportier and more modern look. New colors and wheels are on the list too along with new trim finishes, new steering wheel, revised instrument cluster, and a second generation Remote Touch Interface. An F-SPORT version was offered again coming with more aggressive looks, bigger rims, exclusive black/white interior, and performance dampers.

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LEXUS RX   2008 2012
2008 2012

The third generation Lexus RX came out at the Los Angeles Auto Show held in 2008, with the first concept model unveiled by the parent company in 2007 at the same event.
Assembled at two Lexus factories, Ontario, Canada and Kyushu, Japan, the new RX was powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine capable of developing a maximum power of 275 hp. According to the figures provided by the car manufacturer, the new RX was due to reach mass production in February 2009 for the United States and in mid-2009 for the European countries, Japan and others.

In November 2008, Lexus launched at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show the hybrid version of the RX which will have the same 3.5-liter V6 engine, but will be named RX 450h. The RX hybrid was sold in the US and in the Japanese markets starting with mid-2009.

The Lexus RX was among the first luxury crossovers produced, an all-purpose & versatile car.
Many features were offered as standard, such as keyless start, heated side mirrors, SmartAccess, bluetooth, a telescopic steering wheel, power 10-way seats and UV reducing exterior glass.

The optional features available were a better sound system (15 speakers), dual screens for the rear seats to be used for entertainment, 19-inch alloys, navigation, heated and ventilated front seats and others.

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LEXUS RX   2004 2008
2004 2008

Lexus launched the second generation of the RX SUV at the 2003 North American International Motor Show and promised more performances with better fuel efficiency.
The world started to switch its attention towards SUVs, and Lexus tried to get a higher market share. Like its predecessor, the 2004 model year RX relied on the Japan-only model Toyota Harrier. Lexus offered the RX as an alternative for the sporty BMW X5, which enjoyed huge success on both sides of the Atlantic. Unlike its German rival, the Japanese SUV was not available with a turbo-diesel unit, which slowed its sales on the European continent.

From the outside, the RX featured a new design with curved, triangular headlights and a slanted grille incorporated in the hood’s front side. Even though it was an SUV, its athletic profile with raked-forward tailgate and C-pillars created a sporty image. Its clear taillights created the appearance of an aftermarket improvement, even though it was standard.

Inside, the carmaker went over the bridge and offered the car a standard leather-clad interior. Toyota offered a standard Bose CD stereo with an option for an 11-speakers Mark Levinson sound system. At the front, a pair of bucket seats offered a real premium feeling with an option for heating and ventilation.

Under the hood, the RX started its career with a gasoline-only V-6 engine. Later on, a hybrid version named RX400h became a sought-after SUV thanks to its high fuel efficiency, especially in FWD versions. It was the first premium hybrid vehicle on the market.

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LEXUS RX   1998 2003
1998 2003

Mercedes-Benz scored a big hit with the ML’s first generation, but Lexus was not far behind and introduced the RX in 1998, just two years after the German SUV.
When Lexus introduced the RX on the North American market, it overtook all other SUVs and climbed right to the sales charts’ top. Mercedes-Benz was stunned since it launched the ML earlier, but Toyota just did a better job. Unlike its German rival, who chose the body-on-frame construction, the Lexus RX300 featured a unit-body construction, which translated into a lighter vehicle. Moreover, the Japanese premium carmaker was available with fuel-efficient engines.

The RX300 looked, somehow, like a 4x4 vehicle, but it lacked the rugged look. It didn’t have any flat or bulky areas. At the front, it featured angular-shaped headlights with soft edges that surrounded the slatted grille from the hood. Its raked windshield was more angled than on most other off-road vehicles. But Toyota didn’t want to sell the RX300 as a hard-core, off-road vehicle. Its greenhouse looked more like the one from an MPV or a station wagon due to the raked-forward rear windscreen. Only the lower part of the bodywork offered an off-road vehicle’s statement due to the angular-shaped wheel-arches and the big wheels.

Inside, Lexus offered the RX300 with a standard leather-clad interior, but with just a few color options. It was either black leather-black dashboard and aluminum trims or tan leather, beige dashboard, and wood-trims. There was no other option for it. Also, a standard feature was the automatic transmission. The center stack resembled the one installed on the Land Cruiser. In the back, the 60/40 split-folding bench enlarged the trunk area, but it also featured a reclining system, suitable for long journeys.

Under the hood, Toyota installed only one engine option: a 3.0-liter V-6 that provided up to 240 hp. It was paired as standard to a four-speed automatic gearbox with a center-stack-mounted gear selector.

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