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MAZDA Xedos 6
MAZDA Xedos 6   1992 1999
1992 1999

When Mazda tried to introduce a premium in its lineup, it started with a different strategy than Nissan, Honda, and Toyota.
At first, it tried to introduce a car that bared the Xedos name. And it failed.

The Japanese carmaker chose the wrong time to try and start the Xedos premium brand. It was at the beginning of the ’90s, and an economic crisis just started. The market was not in need of premium vehicles or, at least, for premium experiments. Mazda tried the European customers with the Mazda Xedos 6, which was built on the same platform as the MX6 coupe and the 626. After just 72.000 units sold worldwide in seven years and Ford took control over Mazda, the American owner shut down the project.

Sleek and streamlined, the Xedos 6 featured a slim front fascia with narrow headlights and a grille that didn’t resemble any other Mazda on the market. The curved surfaces and flowing lines went into an ascending trend toward the rear. The raked A-pillars and sloped rear windscreen improved the aerodynamic coefficient. Its design was different than any other Mazda on European soil.

The interior was fit for five adult passengers. The manufacturer installed steering-wheel buttons and a complete instrument panel that offered enough information about the driver’s car and speed. On the sides of the instrument cluster, the carmaker installed warning lights for various functions.

Under the hood, Mazda installed a smooth-running 2.0-liter V6 engine that provided enough power to move the car, but it was kind of thirsty. The 1.6-liter version came later with a better fuel-efficiency, but it lacked the refinement of a V6 and, of course, the ponies.

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