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Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe GLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupe
Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe GLE 53 4MATIC+ Coupe  2019 2022
2019 2022

With the 2019 GLE 53 4Matic Coupe, the german manufacturer has changed the main component of its predecessor, installing a new straight-six engine.
With a 3.0-liter displacement , fed by two turbochargers and an electric compressor, the power ouput is quite remarkable: 435 hp and 520 Nm (383.5 lb-ft) of torque. But this is not all. There is also an EQ Boost starter-generator, which produces an additional 22 hp and 250 Nm (184.3 lb-ft) of torque for a short period of time, but enough for a traffic light drag race.

From the outside, the shape of the 2019 GLE 53 Coupe is almost the same as the previous generation, but new headlights and better looking taillights are now part of the exterior package. To differentiate from its bigger brother, the GLE 63 4Matic Coupe, the 53 has round exhaust pipes and black brake calipers. The 63 version has square exhaust tips and red brake calipers.

Inside the cabin, the GLE 53 offers bucket-type seats in the front, with AMG badges on the backrests. The infotainment system is based on the latest MBUX and has numerous AMG functions. It can also combine the instrument cluster and the touchscreen media display into one single unit.

While the “Classic” and “Sport” driving modes are standard on the other GLE versions, the AMG also a “Supersport” and a “Discreet” mode.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe GLE 63 4MATIC+ Coupe C167
Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe GLE 63 4MATIC+ Coupe C167 2020 2022
2020 2022

Mercedes-AMG proved that a big car could be as quick as a supercar, and it did that by holding five adults and a massive trunk behind them.
The German carmaker introduced the fourth generation of the GLE in 2018 at the Paris Motor Show, and, in March next year, its Mercedes-AMG division introduced the GLE 53 version at the Geneva Motor Show. But that wasn’t all the things prepared by AMG for the big SUV Coupe. In 2020, it introduced the GLE63 version with or without an S behind it.

On the outside, the big SUV showed the typical Panamericana grille with chromed vertical slats. Its bumper sported an A-shaped lower grille flanked by two side scoops taller than other cars’ wheels. A pair of powerdomes adorned the hood in front of the very raked windshield. The carmaker placed the V8 Biturbo chromed badges on the front fenders that warned the bystanders that this was not an ordinary vehicle. Its 22” light-alloy wheels filled the wheel-arches and let the red calipers be seen through them. In the back, four rectangular exhausts flanked the rear diffuser and completed the car’s aggressive look.

Inside, AMG covered the digital dials and infotainment display with a glass panel and left the impression of a single unit. The piano-black trims from the regular Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe were gone, and a set of carbon-fiber decorations took their place. A pair of Alcantara or leather upholstered sport bucket-seats with high-bolstered areas offered enough side support for the front passengers.

Under the hood, the GLE63 and the GLE63S featured a 4.0-liter bi-turbo engine that produced 571 hp and 612 hp, respectively. Mercedes-AMG fitted the GLE63 and the 63S with an adaptive air suspension to keep the car planted on the road.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe C292
Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe  C292 2015 2019
2015 2019

Apart from its specific products, Mercedes-AMG continued its work on other vehicles offered by Mercedes-Benz on the market, and the GLE Coupe was considered a good starting point.
When Mercedes-Benz introduced the GLE Coupe on the market in 2015, its performance brand Mercedes-AMG already had all the engineering done for a high-performance version. It used the same underpinnings from the regular GLE 63 and installed it in the SUV Coupe version, but it had to do some more work for the car’s look, both inside and out.

At the front, the car sported a specific grille with a twin-slat over the grille, supporting the big three-pointed-star badge. The bumper featured a large, trapezoidal-shaped grille in the apron flanked by two side-scoops. Nothing was just aesthetic, and everything was functional. The GLE Coupe needed those sides to get more air to the front disc-brakes and cool them. From its sides, the carmaker enlarged the wheel-arches to emphasize the car’s wider stance. AMG installed four rectangular exhausts in the rear under the apron to complete the car’s sporty look.

But no AMG customer would take a vehicle without a specific interior. For that, the Affalterbach company installed carbon-fiber trims on the dashboard, door panels, and center stack. The three-spoke steering wheel featured two aluminum paddle-shifters marked UP and DOWN, challenging the driver to shift gears manually. Last but not least, the bucket-seats with high-bolstered sides were part of the package.

Under the hood, the carmaker dropped a 5.5-liter V-8 bi-turbo engine that provided up to 585 hp in the AMG GLE 63S version, while the non-S provided 557 hp. The all-wheel-drive system was biased toward the rear axle to enhance the sporty feeling of the big SUV.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe GLE 43 Coupe
Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe GLE 43 Coupe  2015 2016
2015 2016

The coupe version of the Mercedes-AMG GLE was unveiled at the 2015 North American International Motor Show in Detroit.
It was the Mercedes-Benz answer for the BMW X6.

The “coupe” means “cut” in French and it was used for a coachbuilder to define a closed, two-door, chariot, which was cut and shortened from a longer version. When the automobile industry started, numerous terms from the coach building industry were adopted and so it was with the coupe. As a premium car-manufacturer, the Mercedes-AMG had to offer an SUV-coupe in the medium segment. And that was the GLE, a car based on the platform of the 2011 ML, which was renamed GLE in 2015.

Designed on the same basis as the GLE, the GLE Coupe featured a sloped roof and narrower rear doors. The black mesh grille was accompanied by the AMG design touch, with a double wing in the middle that supported the big three-pointed star badge. The bumper featured a large air intake in the middle and two side-scoops to cool the brakes. The rear side of the car featured a sloped tailgate with a small deck-lid behind the rear window.

Inside, there were some reminiscences from the former ML-class, which was launched in 2011. The GLE Coupe featured the older Command infotainment unit with a rotary knob between the front seats. The steering wheel featured a special design and it was equipped with paddle-shifters behind it for the 9-speed automatic transmission.

The GLE Coupe was fitted with air suspension and active stabilizer bars, which were controlled via the drive-settings button. The twin-turbo V6 engine under the hood had plenty of grunts to offer and ensures blistering accelerations, especially for an SUV.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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