MORGAN 4/4 4 Seater

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MORGAN 4/4 4 Seater
MORGAN 4/4 4 Seater   2006 2011
2006 2011

Morgan didn’t care about fancy aerodynamic lines nor big engines under the hood but relied on their craftsmanship skills and 100 percent British design for its cars.
In 2006, Morgan introduced an updated +4 four-seater on the market. Maybe they wouldn’t do that if it didn’t have to, but since the Euro 4 emissions forced them to upgrade the car, it worked on other areas as well. On top of that, it refreshed the seventy-year-old design.

The Morgan Plus 4 4 seater was designed after WWII and introduced on the market in 1950. It followed the design lines of a pre-war roadster with flared long and flared wheel arches attached to the engine compartment and extended towards the back. Since the 2006 model featured wider tires, the carmaker had to enlarge the wheel fenders. But the front kept the same lines as in the ’50s with a curved radiator grille and tiny chromed crash-protection elements. It didn’t sport a bumper. In the back, that role was assumed by the spare wheel, which was mounted vertically behind the vehicle.

Inside, Morgan managed to squeeze four seats inside the cabin. Unlike the two-seat version, it provided a more extended cockpit. The dashboard was flat, and apart from the speedometer and tachometer, the rest of the gauges found their place in the middle. There was no air-conditioning or power windows. The fabric roof was manually operated.

Over time, Morgan worked together with Ford for the engines and, for 2006 +4, it opted for the 1.8-liter unit provided by Mazda, which the American carmaker owned. It also used the MX5/Miata gearbox to send the power to the rear wheels.

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