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OPEL Mokka -e
OPEL Mokka -e  2020 2022
2020 2022

After being purchased by the French group PSA, Opel started to revive its lineup with re-badged products, but with some specific details for the German brand.
The Opel Mokka-e was just an example.

Crossovers were designed for those who needed them to drive on unpaved roads, but they became a fashion item. It was the same situation with smartphones. The Mokka was a small crossover based on the Opel Corsa platform but enhanced with higher ground clearance and a 4x4 traction. In 2020, the Mokka-e became an urban SUV with a battery pack under the floor and front-wheel-drive only.

Opel designed the Mokka-e on the same platform with the electric version of the Peugeot 2008. The result was different. Moreover, not even the wheelbase was the same for both cars. The Mokka looked like it received the better treatment, even if the 2008 was not a bad deal at all. The slim headlights and the chromed and curved line on the sides made the Mokka look better than most of its competitors, not to mention its predecessors.

Inside, the Mokka was fitted as standard with a 7” display for the instrument cluster, but higher trim levels featured a 12” TFT for the driver and an additional 10” touch-screen for the infotainment unit. A glass panel covered both screens. Due to its decent wheelbase and the lack of a center tunnel, the Opel Mokka offered good legroom for the rear passengers and it was suitable for the headroom. The trunk was marginally smaller than the one found on its predecessor, but it was more than decent for an urban vehicle.

The motor was the same 100 kW (136 hp) from the Peugeot 2008. It was fed by a 50 kWh battery pack and offered a decent range of 324 km (201 miles).

Full Description and Technical Specifications
OPEL Mokka X
OPEL Mokka X  2016 2020
2016 2020

In 2012, Opel launched its first subcompact crossover vehicle, the Mokka.
Its short consoles and tall appearance made it very well suited for an urban vehicle, easy to park, and to move around. The interior was large enough for five passengers.

The Mokka was the shortest crossover SUV. With its length of 4275 mm (168.3 in) and 2555 (100.6 in) wheelbase, the engineers had to work hard to fit five passengers inside. The trunk space was small when the rear bench backseat was up, but with that folded down, it could reach 1372 liters (48.8 cu-ft), which was not bad for a small urban car.

In 2016, the Mokka received a mid-life cycle refresh, which added a new Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) system with full LED headlights, which replaced the older BiXenon unit. A new set of safety systems were available, with red LEDs that lit up in the event of an imminent crash. The revised exterior brought more appeal to the small crossover.

Inside, the 2016 Mokka was updated in terms of refinement and features. The instrument cluster, with two round dials and an LCD between them, and a new infotainment system enhanced the ride to the destination. Its sat-nav and audio system offered a good companion on long journeys.

Under the hood, the Mokka was offered with a choice of diesel and gasoline engines which were mated to either a 6-speed manual fitted as standard or a 6-speed auto for selected versions.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
OPEL Mokka
OPEL Mokka   2012 2016
2012 2016

The 2012 Opel Mokka is the smallest 4x4 vehicle launched by the German carmaker.
It is a cross-over, a breed between an Opel Corsa and an Antara, the medium-sized SUV. Its 4.3 meters (14 ft) long places it right in the middle of the sub-compact segment. Its ability to roam through crowded streets and easily park over a curb transformed it into an instant hit. Before its facelift in 2016, Opel succeeded to sell half a million units.

Inside the Mokka there is no more room than into a Chevrolet Spark with which it shares the platform. The vehicle is sold in the U.S. under the Buick Encore and Chevrolet Traxx names. In Europe, it stopped its sales as part of the takeover from the French PSA group.

Before the 2016 facelift, it has three gasoline and one diesel unit. The standard gearbox was a 5-speed manual and only the 1.4-liter turbo and the 1.7-liter diesel received the 6-speed automatic transmission.

For the interior, depending on the trim level, the customers could receive navigation systems, decent infotainment units and even leather seats. Standard, base engines, had only power-windows and air-conditioning. Some versions were available only with 2WD system, for which the rear suspension was a semi-rigid type. But most of the sales were not for the all-wheel-drive systems.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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