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PEUGEOT RCZ   2013 2015
2013 2015

After it created a desirable following with strong sales, excellent press coverage and achievements, the Peugeot RCZ coupe got a refresh in 2013.
The car got a completely new front face, with a more accentuated grille, LED lights, slightly redesigned headlamps and some satin chrome trimmings. The optionals list grew to get a lacquered black grille bars feature, three roof arch colors (Aluminum, Sand or Matt Black), three new types of body decals, two carbon roof options, 10 alloy wheel designs as well as a sport pack. Expressing all of Peugeot’s expertise in terms of road holding, the Peugeot RCZ takes the requirement of driving with precision and obtaining sensations to the highest level for the Marque, to intensify all of the driver’s senses. It benefits from tuned suspension and wheels originating from Platform Two (pseudo MacPherson front suspension, rear suspension with a deformable cross-member). The new Peugeot RCZ is now fitted as standard, with an acoustic windscreen and a Visibility Pack consisting of automatic wipers, automatic headlamps, electrochromatic interior mirror, guide-me-home lighting and approach lighting on unlocking.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
PEUGEOT RCZ   2009 2013
2009 2013

Based on the 308 RCZ concept announced in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the final version of the Peugeot RCZ was unveiled to the public in 2009 in the same place.
The RCZ was a good step forward for Peugeot, as it was hard to name a fun-to-drive car they had produced over the years.

Creating a completely different car, the RCZ was the first car not to have a “0” in its nameplate. Fact that actually meant the new sport-coupe had nothing to do with the other models in the range.

From the front, we could say that the RCZ was similar to the 308.

At the back, things drastically changed with the aggressive design. Rather unusual and easily noticeable from the rear, the RCZ had a double bubble roof and windscreen, features more specific to a concept car. However, Peugeot went far enough to even produce it, despite the increased costs.

Available with a diesel or a choice of several gasoline engines, the most powerful unit developed 200 hp and was mated with a manual transmission.

While you would expect the 200 ponies to provide great power, the performance was rather modest. Yes, the unit was smooth and had a good torque, but fast wasn’t really the adequate word.

Nobody can deny the RCZ’s great look and while the trial was a successful one, there was room for improvement in all aspects.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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