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SSANGYONG Actyon   2006 2011
2006 2011

The Korean carmaker introduced the Actyon model on the market in 2006 as a 4x4 vehicle for the younger generation.
But the design brought the car to a complete stall in just five years.

Two years before the X6 from BMW was introduced to the market as an SUV-Coupe (or SAC according to the German terminology), the small Korean car-maker SsangYong launched the Actyon model. The name Actyon came from Ac(tion) Yon (young). It was designed with mild off-road capabilities and a coupe-like design. But they failed to be good on both.

The front side of the car was the one that shocked everyone. The fenders and the engine compartment looked like they were assembled from two different cars. The front grille resembled some cars from the ’40s. The sloped roofline looked more like a hump than a coupe-style. Things were a little bit better with the Actyon Sports, which was the pickup version for the Actyon. At least it didn’t have that hump.

Inside, the car offered room for up to four adults, maybe five for a short distance. The sloped back affected the headroom for Actyon, but was decent for Actyon Sports. The black dashboard featured a center stack with round buttons.

The car was powered by Mercedes-Benz engines, either a 2.3-liter gasoline or a 2.2-liter turbodiesel. Both were mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox or a 5-speed manual. It was offered with a rear- or 4x4 on-demand system.

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