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SUZUKI X90 X-90  1996 1997
1996 1997

Suzuki tried a new approach on the market with a coupe based on the first generation of the Vitara, and it wasn’t the best idea for the small Japanese carmaker.
Every now and then, a carmaker tries to come with something different on the market. Sometimes it hit the top-sales, and sometimes it hit the wall. For Suzuki, the X-90 was so bad that it had to pull the plug after just two years on the market.

There was nothing wrong with the front of the car. It featured rounded headlights and shapes that were far away from the regular Vitara. But what came after the hood was a different story. Unlike any other SUV on the market, the X-90 featured a short cabin with two doors and an abrupt drop for the rear window. It was a three-box SUV-coupe with two doors. The flat trunk was too small and difficult to load stuff inside it.

Inside, there were only two seats with high bolstering, even though it was not a sports car. The good side was that it featured a targa roof with two removable glass panels, which could have been placed in the trunk. Its interior was cramped, and there was not enough room to push the seats backward for adequate legroom.

The X-90 was available with the same drivetrain as the Vitara. It even featured a transfer-case with low-range gear. But it was not enough to make the buyers look at it.

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