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TOYOTA Corolla Altis
TOYOTA Corolla Altis  2014 2022
2014 2022

The Corolla was one of the most successful vehicles in the world with sales that went through the roof since its first introduction in 1966.
The 2014 Altis was the European Corolla sedan. But with a different name, for the Asian market.

The 11th generation of the Corolla, named Altis, was launched in Singapore in 2014. Unlike some bald-looking former generation, that one had a sportier look with a more aggressive bumper that included side scoops and a lower front grille.

The headlights were placed upper than the grille, to give the impression of an “angry” car. The three chromed lines on it gave the impression of support between the headlights and a connection to the center badge. In the rear, another chromed line was installed between the taillights.

Inside, Toyota Altis was more interesting than its predecessor. On the center console, the infotainment
unit was surrounded by a carbon-fiber rim, to improve the sport-inspired overall look. Unfortunately, the seats were flat, with little support for the sides. The wheelbase allowed enough legroom for the rear passengers.

Under the hood, there was only one engine offered, a 1.6-liter with dual VVTI. It was mated to a 6-speed manual or a CVT. Since it was a modern version, the car-manufacturer offered it wit paddles behind the steering wheel, with 6 presets transmission ratio.

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TOYOTA Corolla EU  2019 2022
2019 2022

Being the 12th generation sometimes is good, especially when your name is Corolla and you are the best selling car in the world if we don’t take into account Ford F-series, which is a pickup-truck.
The Corolla is now quieter, safer and cleaner than before. It even ditches the diesel engines! The Japanese also ditched the Auris badge for the hatchback.

They say to not judge a book by its cover. It is the same with the Corolla. From the outside, some might say it is a nice facelift but actually it is a completely new car based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-C. The 2019 Corolla range has a new sportier look, and it is equipped with a new infotainment system that allows Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Thanks to the new platform, the new Corolla has four-wheel independent suspension and a different mounting for the front McPherson type to improve road-holding. As an option, the Corolla Touring Sports and Corolla Hatchback may be equipped with an electronically controlled adaptive suspension.

The engines offered are a 1.2-liter turbo with 114 HP for the hatchback and Touring Sports and a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated 132 HP gasoline engine for the sedan. True to its words of commitments on the ecology side, Toyota offers two choices of hybrid technologies: a 1.8-liter with 122 HP and a new 2.0-liter with 180 HP.

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TOYOTA Corolla EU  2016 2019
2016 2019

Three years after release, the eleventh generation Toyota Corolla received a facelift, available for both the US and the international model.
The latter received a new front end that sticks close to Toyota’s Under Priority and Keen Look design, although it is even sharper looking than the previous model. Chromed door handles, new 16- and 17-inch rims, new LED taillights and restyled rear bumper are also part of the change. The Toyota Safety Sense is now standard and comprises the Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, Road Sign Assist and auto high-beam.

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TOYOTA Corolla US  2016 2018
2016 2018

The Corolla was one of the best selling vehicles in the world since the nameplate’s launch in 1966.
In 2012, Toyota introduced the eleventh generation, which refreshed in 2016 for the U.S. market.

Toyota released the facelift for their home-market in April 2015, but it took them another two years to reach U.S. soil. In 2017, the compact sedan was already the best-selling vehicle in its class, and it did that for a reason. Its high-reliability index and the low costs of ownership made it looks like a bargain. For the facelifted version, Toyota changed a few things about the car, and the result was a safer, better-looking vehicle.

The Corolla featured new LED driving lights that looked like sharp teeth at the front on the outside. A bigger, wider grille found its place on the lower side of the bumper, while the regular grille from above was slimmer. It looked like Toyota designers wants to get rid of that part. The headlights were changed and received LED or bi-LED lamps depending on the trim level. Toyota installed 16” light-alloy-wheels as standard on the LE and XLE versions, while the SE and XE received a set of 17” wheels.

Inside, Toyota improved the cabin with new features such as the new infotainment system, with a 7” touch-screen installed above the center stack. But the biggest change was on the safety systems side, where the carmaker installed a full pack of features such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, or automatic braking system.

Under the hood, Toyota dropped a 1.8-liter unit paired to a 6-speed manual for the base model, or a CVT for the others. With eight hp more, an eco version was on the options list and returned a slightly better fuel-efficiency.

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TOYOTA Corolla EU  2013 2016
2013 2016

It was the most sold passenger car in the world and, by the time its eleventh generation was launched, it counted 40 million around the world.
And the 2013 version added some more.

In 2013 the Corolla was only the 3-box version, while the hatchback-sister was named Auris. The overall length of the vehicle was increased over the previous generation, but the overall height was decreased. The front fascia has received a more aggressive design, leaving the bald look of the older versions behind. The front bumper had a V-shape with one central air-intake and two side air-scoops, where the fog lights are included. Toyota claimed that the design team learned a few tricks from the Toyota F1 team in order to reduce the drag coefficient. The overall aspect was sporty, a characteristic unknown by the older Corollas.

The compact vehicle featured an all-new interior design and its main advantage over the previous generation was the wheelbase increase with 100 mm (3.9”) up to 2700 mm (106.3”) resulting in more legroom for the rear passengers. The 2013 Corolla featured a minimalist design of the dashboard, topped by a soft upper surface. For the infotainment system, Toyota installed on upper trim levels the Toyota Touch 2 and Toyota Touch 2 with Go navigation system. The touch-screen display was easy to reach and read by the driver.

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TOYOTA Corolla
TOYOTA Corolla   2010 2013
2010 2013

Toyota brought a mid-life facelift to its tenth generation Corolla in May 2010.
The successful C-segment sedan received a slightly restyled exterior and upgraded interior with improved quality finishes. For the exterior the front grille has been redesigned, along with the front and rear bumper, headlights and taillights. The interior received minor touches for a more sophisticated look, the steering wheel has been restyled and features now a flat bottom design, while the mid and high trim levels received an uprated seat fabric. All the engines now feature Toyota’s Optimal Drive and are Euro 5 compliant.

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TOYOTA Corolla
TOYOTA Corolla   2007 2009
2007 2009

A new generation Toyota Corolla was officially introduced on October 10, 2006 in Japan while the US version of the car was presented on October 31, 2007 at the SEMA auto show held in Las Vegas.
Similar to the previous generations, the Americans only got the sedan version of the car but, the Toyota Matrix, which is actually quite a popular car in US, is regarded as the hatchback version of Corolla. The sedan Corolla addressed to the Japanese market was codenamed Axio, meaning “valued things” in Greek. What’s interesting is that the first European countries that received the new Corolla was Ireland which got the first model in January 2007, although all the European models of the 2007 Corolla are built in Adapazari, Turkey. The new model’s platform has been improved for stability, responsive handling and precise steering. The New Toyota Corolla is quiet and smooth on the road as it delivers on its promise of ‘a class above’. Exceptionally low levels of Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) lift the new Corolla well above the C-segment sedan norms of the period and will give occupants a clear sense of being in a car from an upper segment.

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