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TOYOTA Hilux Single Cab
TOYOTA Hilux Single Cab   2015 2018
2015 2018

HiLux was one of the best pickup-truck in the world.
It made its name based on reliability and endurance. It was, virtually, impossible to destroy a HiLux under normal operating conditions.

The 2015 model had to come on the market with new engines and new technologies. Despite its abilities to climb and haul and tow, it had a big downside: the slow engine mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission whereas other manufacturers offered up to 8-speed automatic transmission.

On the outside, the HiLux adopted a new front fascia, to make it more fashionable. But the single cab version was not about fashion. It was more about robustness and it was supposed to be a true workhorse. But Toyota said that it is perfectly ok to look good on the job with a pickup truck.

Inside, there were only two seats and some room to store the hi-lift and some tools. There were more trim levels, and the top had a 7” infotainment unit with navigation and backup camera. The bottom though, in Single Cab version, didn’t have an air-conditioner. But that was the least requested version of the car.

The Single Cab was available as a 4x4 or a 4x2, the latter being used mostly for hauling up to one tone. In some countries, the single cab was available only as a 4x2.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
TOYOTA Hilux Single Cab
TOYOTA Hilux Single Cab   2011 2015
2011 2015

Toyota Hilux is one of the most known pickup-trucks in the world.
It is built since 1967 and its story doesn’t seem to end. Even though it is not the most powerful vehicle in its segment or the most advanced technological, it is still sold very well. In 2010 the Hilux covered 25% of the market.

The Single Cab is more like a workhorse and can tow, carry and endure a lot of punishment. Its 2.5-liter turbodiesel engine has a larger intercooler so it can be used in hard work at low speeds, such as those in the construction field. It can be loaded with one tone without tearing a sweat.

Apart from its double-cab versions, it was available only with a 5-speed manual transmission and a transfer case with hi-low gears. The DLX models are equipped with an Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), a rear differential lock, electric windows, remote door locking and electric, heated door mirrors. There is no fancy infotainment unit such as that in the Double-cab version, but it has what a workhorse need: a solid backbone and enough steam to work all day long.

Standard versions don’t have body-colored bumpers, so they can be cheaper to repair if (when) scratches occurs. The taillights are with normal lightbulbs so they will be cheaper to replace. And the chassis, well, it can hold more than a tone. It’s the regulations that limit it.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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