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VOLKSWAGEN Corrado   1989 1995
1989 1995

As the VW Scirocco was discontinued in 1988, VW needed to come up with a new model and such the Corrado was revealed in 1989.
The Corrado had a distinctive look and was a sports coupe assembled by Karmann.

The Corrado had 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine developing 158 hp and 166 lb.-ft of torque.

Choosing a supercharger instead of the usual turbocharger, the sports coupe was a little noisy, even if the G charger was the “quietest” of them all (that’s where the name of Corrado G60 from).

The standard version did not come with ABS, however, most of the standard offered equipment did the job: power windows, power mirrors, air-conditioning.

Inside the Corrado we could find the classic dashboard, with white on black instrument cluster gauges. Oil pressure and volts gauges were later introduced to complete the sports design.
Users could opt for a sunroof and leather upholstery.

The cargo space was excellent for a coupe and it had the 60-40 split folding configuration for the rear seats.

Driving the Corrado was comfortable and fun at the same time, with a very good balance on turns and a precise steering.

In the back, the Corrado had a self-adjusting rear spoiler.

Safety wise, the sports coupe was no equipped with airbags, however, it had ABS and shoulder belts.

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