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FORD S-Max   2019 2022
2019 2022

Now at its second generation and based on the same platform as its more traditional looking MPV brother, the Galaxy, the 2020 Ford S-Max has received a mid-cycle facelift at the same time as its architecture-sibling.
Traditionally seen as the most fun to drive MPV, the revised second-generation S-Max is now as stylish as ever, with Ford upgrading its exterior with the same design motifs as the refreshed Galaxy.

The model’s front-end has been completely redesigned and maintains a degree of exclusivity among the trim lines, with the standard, ST-Line and Vignale versions looking as different from each other as ever. The interior has received the same 18-way adjustable seats with the AGR seal of approval as the Galaxy. To get the highly coveted AGR seal, the seats must adapt to the passenger’s position and not the other way around, thus providing relief for back-pain sufferers on the go. Available with either 150 PS or 190 PS power outputs, the 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel four-cylinder is identical to the one powering the pre-facelift version and is paired either with a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission. For the first time ever, the S-Max will also be offered with an on-board modem, which turns the car into a mobile WiFi hotspot that offers connectivity for up to 10 devices.

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FORD S-Max   2015 2019
2015 2019

An all-new Ford S-Max has been introduced in 2014 continuing the spirit of the original version from 2006 while offering more style, driving pleasure and advanced features without sacrificing space and fuel efficiency.
The first thing you see is the new design, with the people hauler getting the Aston Martin-like trapezoidal grille, long narrow wraparound headlamps, creased hood, some sharp carved lines on the side, a slightly revamped greenhouse shape, new LED taillamps bumpers and liftgate.

Inside you’ll find a mature, more sophisticated design, including a sculpted center console that flows from the upper instrument panel, aluminum accents, a full-length panoramic glass roof, smart design seats with thinner back rests, more legroom, soft-touch materials and more.

The new S-Max comes with new adaptive front steering, Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, improved engines, stronger body structure, better underbody aerodynamics, second-row seat side-airbags, Curve Control and Roll Stability Control as well as MyKey technology to control younger drivings and keep them safer behind the wheel.

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FORD S-Max   2006 2014
2006 2014

Even though the minivan era was closing to an end on the European market, Ford introduced the S-Max MPV in 2006 as a family alternative for the Mondeo Station-wagon.
There was no argument that a minivan would provide more comfort on long journeys than a sedan or a station wagon. But since most of the European distances are small enough to be crossed in a few hours, the minivans soon became obsolete. Ford, on the other hand, didn’t want to drop the ball.

The S-Max featured the new-edge design philosophy that combined long, curved lines with sharp and narrow edges. Its trapezoidal grille from the front bumper and the flared wheel-arches gave the car a more aggressive look. Ford had to introduce a secondary set of pillars for the windscreen to eliminate or at least diminish the blind spot on the front-side area. The fake extracting vents on the front panels amplified the sporty look of the car.

Inside, Ford offered room for up to seven occupants, with the two seats in the back fitted for small people and short distances. The carmaker tried to make the car offer a feeling of a sportier car, with a sloped center stack extended toward the center console. Thus, it canceled the minivan concept of a cross-through vehicle.

Under the hood, the S-Max featured a choice of six engines, and all paired as standard to manual transmissions but, for selected versions, Ford offered an option for an automatic gearbox.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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