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HOLDEN Caprice/Statesman Caprice
HOLDEN Caprice/Statesman Caprice  2010 2022
2010 2022

Initially launched in 2006, the 2010 version of the Holden Caprice received a slight update.
The engines were now using new technology called SIDI (Spark Ignition Direct Injection) which is just a fancy name for direct injection. Therefore, the 3.6-liter V6 was now delivering 280 HP and 350 Nm (260 lb-ft) of torque. The whole idea behind the update was to increase the efficiency of the engine through various means like reducing the idle RPM and using a more efficient alternator. Now was also the time when some marketing measure were taken, Holden deciding to drop the Statesman nameplate.

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HOLDEN Caprice/Statesman Caprice/Satesman
HOLDEN Caprice/Statesman Caprice/Satesman  2006 2010
2006 2010

The Caprice broke its ties with the Opel family and jumped over Atlantic to look for a more powerful sibling.
Then, it returned to Australia to flex its muscles.

A long wheelbase had its advantages on long journeys, offering more comfort for passengers’ rear seats. That is why Holden decided to introduce the Caprice, a longer version for the well-known Commodore sedan. The 2006 model was the largest rear-wheel-drive sedan offered by GM. It was built for state politicians, businessmen, and government officials.

With its chromed rim around the pentagonal-shaped grille and swept, angular headlights, the Caprice/Statesman showed respect wherever it went. Some lines might have resembled some of the Opel design, but the overall look was far from there. Compared to the rest of the vehicle, the long rear doors and short deck made the car look more dynamic.

The interior was nothing but opulence. It was meant for comfortable journeys with its large seats for the front passengers and the rear profiled bench. The rear seat occupants could enjoy movies on the screens installed in the front seat headrests, with the center armrest folded down and the cup-holders between them.

The main difference between the Caprice and the Statesman was the options. But the common ingredient was the engine bay. Both were offered with either a V6 or a V8 engine. The latter was an old design, without cylinder deactivation, two valves per cylinder, and pushrod distribution. The V6 was more fuel-efficient and paired with a modern automatic gearbox.

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HOLDEN Caprice/Statesman
HOLDEN Caprice/Statesman   2003 2006
2003 2006

Holden introduced a mid-life cycle refresh for the Capric/Statesman lineup in 2003, trying to revive their executive sedan’s sales.
The Australian arm of GM unveiled the second generation of the Statesman in 1999, and it had high hopes from the executive sedan. It dreamed of seeing the car parked in front of every official building and major HQ office around the country. Yet, the car didn’t meet its expectations. Soon, the management asked the design team to rush back to the drawing board and worked something for the struggling brand and refresh the vehicle. And that’s what they did.

The design team made a major revamp in the WH lineup and introduced the WK series at the beginning of 2003. There were sharper lines and straight-cut headlights that replaced the oval-shaped ones from before. A chromed trim surrounded the grille, and in the lower bumper area, there were new rectangular fog-lights. Holden claimed that it improved the aerodynamic coefficient by six percent and took it to 0.30, which was remarkable for such a big vehicle.

Inside, the Caprice was the first Australian-built vehicle that featured a standard dual DVD player with screens mounted in the back of the front headrests, yet the sat-nav system was on the options list. But Holden upgraded the overall interior look with a new design for the dashboard and instrument panel. The standard upholstery for the Caprice was leather, while the Statesman featured velour seats.

Holden improved the engines and offered the 5.7-liter V-8 with up to 340 hp instead of 306 hp. Unfortunately, they got stuck with the four-speed automatic transmission, which wasn’t that helpful for the fuel-efficiency.

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HOLDEN Caprice/Statesman Caprice/Satesman
HOLDEN Caprice/Statesman Caprice/Satesman  1999 2003
1999 2003

Holden introduced the Caprice/Statesman lineup based on the same platform as the Commodore, which GM used for the Opel/Vauxhall Omega and the Cadillac Catera.
Being part of a giant carmaker also includes the advantages of know-how for various components or platforms. The European arm of General Motors, Opel, built a car fit for the European roads. It meant that it was comfortable and it didn’t lack in the handling department. While the Europeans didn’t like big engines, the Australians didn’t have a problem with that, so they put bigger engines in it to solve the performance issue. The 1999 Caprice/Statesman was the longer wheelbase version of the Commodore, and it was built mainly for CEOs and authorities.

With sharp lines and clear lenses, its angular looking headlights were specific for the Commodore’s more upmarket version. Its wider, rectangular grille with horizontal slats resembled some other premium cars and led to some jokes about its look. But the clean lines, with slight enlargements over the front and rear wheel-arches, impressed with a muscular line. It looked like a body-builder at a black-tie event.

Holden gambled on the same smooth and curved forms from the outside combined with straight lines for the interior. The designers developed the center stack over the center console. Thanks to its long wheelbase, there was plenty of room on the rear bench, profiled for two occupants separated by a folding armrest.

Under the hood, Holden installed the smooth 3.8-liter V6 engine for the base model and a V8 for the full version. With a 5.7-liter displacement, the latter came from the GM’s parts bin, and it could be found under the hood of a few American sports cars.

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