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Mercedes-AMG A-Class A 35 4MATIC Sedan
Mercedes-AMG A-Class A 35 4MATIC Sedan  2019 2022
2019 2022

Mercedes-Benz introduced the fourth generation of the A-Class in 2018, and AMG introduced a more powerful version for it in 2019.
Up to the third generation of the A-Class, Mercedes-Benz was not very happy with the sales results. Moreover, technical issues with either the car’s handling or the gearbox issues worsened the situation. When it switched from an MPV-look to a compact hatchback and sedan body version, the sales took-off, and with the AMG versions, it established the image of a premium hot-hatch. But the carmaker offered the same performance package in the sedan version as well.

Thanks to its new design, the fourth generation of the A-Class Sedan was more appealing. At the front, it featured CLS-inspired headlights, a wide hexagonal grille adorned by a twin-louver slat, and an AMG-specific bumper. Thus, the car looked more aggressive than its less-powered siblings. From its sides, the big, 18” light-alloy-wheels filled the wheel-arches. In the rear, a lip-spoiler on the trunk-lid and two oval, chromed exhausts completed the image.

Inside, AMG offered an option for sport bucket-seats with integrated headrests, but even the standard ones offered high-bolstering. A tall center console separated the front occupants. In the rear, the passengers had adequate legroom thanks to the car’s big wheelbase. AMG removed the classic analog dials from the dashboard and installed two wide screens: one for the instrument panel and the other for the infotainment system. It worth mentioning the turbine-styling for the five vents.

Under the hood, AMG worked its magic and turbocharged the inline-four engine. It resulted in a massive 306 hp. While some A-Class versions were front-wheel-drive, the 35 AMG version featured a standard all-wheel-drive system.

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Mercedes-AMG A-Class A 45 4MATIC+
Mercedes-AMG A-Class A 45 4MATIC+  2019 2022
2019 2022

Rolling on the wave of the first generation’s success, the second Mercedes-AMG A 45 had some pretty big shoes to fill and it looks like it has managed to do it, and then some.
While the first A45 had 381 Ps in its facelifted version, the base version of the second one delivers no less than 387 PS. On top of it, there’s also an A 45 S version now, which has a monstrous 421 PS output from a similar 2.0-liter engine.

Apart from the massive increase in output, the main novelty with the second generation is the so-called “Drift Mode,” which is standard on the A 45 S and optional on the base model. Unlike other FWD-based all-wheel-drive systems, the one in the second-generation A 45 uses two electronically controlled multi-disc clutches on the rear axle. This way, the torque is not only variably distributed between the front and rear axles, but also selectively between the left and right rear wheels, meaning that you can now powerslide an A 45 like one of its RWD-based bigger brothers.

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Mercedes-AMG A-Class A 35 AMG 4MATIC
Mercedes-AMG A-Class A 35 AMG 4MATIC  2018 2022
2018 2022

The 2018 AMG A35 was a true hot-hatch.
Even if it wasn’t the top-spec AMG from the A-class, it was considered to give a better balance and enough everyday performance.

When compared to the regular A-Class, the first noticeable detail was the grille with a big, chromed horizontal line and the big three-pointed-star badge in the middle. On the bumper, the lower splitter and the side-scoops were big and inspired some performance. It featured LED headlights as standard. To channel the air-flow, the aerodynamic package was completed with side sills and a roof spoiler. A small wing was offered as an option. Under the rear bumper, a dual exhaust helped the engine breath better.

Inside the cabin, the AMG was true to its words with race-inspired bucket seats. The AMG Sport steering wheel featured a metallic paddle-shifter behind it. On the dashboard, two large displays were under the same protective glass and gave the impression of one, big, screen. It incorporated the configurable dials for the driver and the infotainment system as well.

For the tech-side, the four-pot engine under the hood featured a twin-scroll turbocharger that was built for small turbo-lag. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G dual-clutch was installed to cope with the powerful engine. It sent the torque to all four wheels via an intelligent and electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system. To keep the car planted on a race-track or comfortable on the daily drives, the AMG A35 featured an adaptive suspension with three settings.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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