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TATA MOTORS Indigo Manza
TATA MOTORS Indigo Manza  2009 2022
2009 2022

The Tata Indigo reached its second generation in 2009, after various updates for its first generation.
It was unveiled in October 2009 and it wasn’t based on the same platform as its predecessor.

When India needed a cheap car, with low running costs and reliable, the Tata Industry launched the Indica. It was designed and built mainly for the Indian market, but it was also exported in other countries and in Europe. The simple design of the first generation was updated for the 2009 model, Indigo Manza.

Since it was based on the same platform as the Indica Vista and it shared both the name and the platform, the Manza featured the same headlight design and some of the parts until the B-pillar. But, since the Manza was basically the three-box version of the Vista, it had a different C-pillar and ending. Depending on the trim level, the Indica Manza featured alloy-wheels.

Inside, the Manza was offered in various trim levels. Even for the base trim level, the Indica Manza Aqua was equipped with a 2Din audio system. On the upper versions, named Aura, Aura (ABS) and Aura +, the car featured more amenities, including leather seats, airbag and air-conditioning.

Tata Indica Manza was a joint development with Fiat, who provided the 1.4-liter gasoline engine and the 1.3-liter turbocharged diesel unit. Both were mated to a standard 5-speed manual.

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TATA MOTORS Indigo CS  2008 2022
2008 2022

The Tata Indigo eCS may be labeled as a sedan, but this actually leaves you the impression of a hatchback that has received an extra volume at the back.
When talking about the Indigo, Tata places a strong focus on the model’s reliability. The automotive producer explains that the sedan has managed to complete a non-stop trip around India that saw it eat up miles (14,000 km).

The list of standard features is sparse, but this does include ABS and central locking with keyless entry. You can choose between a petrol and a diesel engine, with the later receiving a richer list of options. The Tata Indigo CS was launched in 2008 at the New Delhi Auto Expo. At the time, the CS version of the Indigo was marketed by Tata as the smallest sedan in the world, measuring 3,988 mm (157 inches) in order to comply with certain local market regulations. The car is sold with either a 1.2-liter petrol engine in the basic models or a 1.4 diesel which is also available with common rail to comply with BS-4 regulations (model sold as the Indigo eCS).

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TATA MOTORS Indigo   2004 2009
2004 2009

Indigo is a car manufactured by Tata Motors that entered production in 2002.
The car is often associated with another Tata product, namely the Indica, which uses multiple parts also installed on the Indigo. Although some people say Indigo was a luxury car, Tata Motors only introduced an upmarket edition of the automobile in 2005, equipping it with LCD screens, leather interior and electric mirrors. Initially described as the sedan flavor of Indica, Indigo was especially supposed to represent Tata Motors’ innovation on the subcompact car class, competing against both Honda City and Hyundai Accent.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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